Chromium Crusher Review

chromium-crusher-reviewIf you are looking for a grinder, quality is an essential factor to consider, especially when it comes to the grinder’s ability to shred weed or herbs into its finest texture and smokable product. Every grinder hs it’s special capabilities. Some are made with a good quality and there are some grinders that simply won’t last long. It means, some grinders with low quality tend to produce rough and larger particles and some will just breakdown in no time. Thanks to Chromium Crusher for manufacturing a good quality product that will stand the test of time.

Chromium Crusher is a grinder that has 4 chambers that has different sizes such as 1.6”, 2.0”, 2.2” and 2.5” and each size has a height of 1.7”. Chromium Crusher review also has different colors where you can choose from its standard color which is black to a purple. Using this grinder will not only satisfy you by giving the product you wanted but also give you satisfaction with its amazing appearance.

So, let’s discuss what matter most –the grinding capability. Chromium Crusher is made of zinc alloy, a non-corrosive heavy duty metal that is proven to last longer compare with other brand and has a diamond shaped teeth that is as tough as a nail to optimize its grinding capability. The grinder’s teeth also work smoothly every time you rotate the grinder to shred the tobacco or herbs.

This grinder’s top is made of a magnetic material to keep it from falling off, but some reviewers specified that this magnetic top is too weak to hold on thus you need to take precaution and be careful or else this top might fall off the moment you start grinding your tobacco and might result in spillage. Be careful and make sure not to turn your grinder upside down to avoid spilling your tobacco.

So, if you are asking why it is more advantage to use a Chromium Crusher with its 4 chamber grinder, the answer is simple. A 4-piece grinder by Chromium Crusher was made with a built-in screen that is capable to collect every fine particles of your herb for more intensive and optimum experience. This fine particle is what we call kief and most of the grinder user always wanted to have this kief.

To sum things up, Chromium Crusher is the most suitable grinder to use because it does not only satisfy you with its grinding capabilities but gives you nothing to worry because this grinder is the toughest grinder you can use over a long period of time.

A Guide To Knowing What Metal Band Saws Are

A Guide To Knowing What Metal Band Saws AreIf you have an upcoming project house renovation or building something that involves sawing then you need to know a kind of tool that helps you a lot. Band Saw is the one you need to have. This is the best tool for woodcutting, lumber making and metal works. This can cut different kinds of materials this is a very durable one. using this can speed up your labor work and it is not that messy as compared than not having it at all.

Using band saws has a lot of advantages that can contribute a lot to your kind of work as this can make a uniform cutting, with different shapes of cutting. It distributes workload easily as well according to No more worries of the output of your work since sing band saws will save you from extensive hard work . One of the hardest kind of cutting is doing metal works. If you are working in metal cutting you should be guided on how band saws works in metal cutting.

  1. You should know that band saws are available in horizontal and vertical designs. Metal works is now very easy and achievable with different designs.
  2. There are no longer chips that can be stuck in between the band saws since this metal band saws already has their own brush wheels or brushes included to make a smooth finish.
  3. Your work is now fast since metal band saws can now cut in a matter of 15,000 feet per minute unlike the typical kind of cutting which do only 40 to 5,000 feet per minute. This is why metal works are now fast to cut when you use band saws.
  4. Metal band saws blade are now lubricated and cools easily because the coolant in metal band saws instantly washes away the chips.
  5. You can choose a metal band saw that has 3 different patterns the straight, raker and wave . You can choose whatever pattern you like. If you are working with channels, tubing and angels you can then use the wave pattern. But most of the time the rake patter is used.
  6. In order to have a fine finish be sure that the pitch blade is at its highest speed having its light feed. The saw pitch will most likely to give a good finish.
  7. Do not use the blades at full speed as this will make it dull.
  8. Avoid cutting hard metals because this will give an abnormal kind of wear fort the metal band saw.
  9. Do choose the right band saw blade since this will always be the one to determine the speed of the metal band saw.

Do not purchase metal band saw without knowing the kind of saw blade you would like to have. You can choose the ones that you needed most and like most online before purchasing . You no longer worry with the kind of metal works you will have since you already have the best on your hand.


Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector Review

Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector ReviewAre you in the market for a new metal detector? If so then you have many options, including the Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector. Is this a unit you should consider purchasing? It’s up to you to make the final decision, but here are some important facts to consider:

1. The unit is ideal for various locations

The user of the device can choose the location where they want to metals such as coins and jewelry. That’s because the device is ideal for use in areas such as parks, backyards, or beaches. It can also be used by kids to try and locate objects that have been hidden in the backyard.

The beach is an excellent place to test out the metal detector from That’s because people lose several metallic things. It can be very fun to locate the objects. This metal detector can be used in small/big spaces, and you don’t have to worry that external factors affect the results. Not only can this device be used in several locations. It is also an all-weather type of unit. It can hold up after various types of falls.

2. This is a professional metal detector

The metal detector includes several functions yet it’s lightweight as well a compact. The unit is able to pick up metal objects from various sizes, and provides the user the ability to control the kinds of metals it hunts for. It includes a target indicator that takes a measurement of the signal strength. The user can also state the object’s position and determine the basic depth using the volume. The signal rises when the users become closer to the target.

3. It includes many benefits

This is an excellent choice for metal detector novices including children and adults. The reason is that the unit is small and compact. Another benefit is that it includes a shaft detector that can be adjusted from 21 to 32 inches. This makes it great for people who have different heights. Another key benefit is that the unit is easy/quick to use.

4. The unit is easy to use

The BHJS Junior metal detector was designed for both kids and adults to use. Thus, it was built in a way that makes it a cinch to use. It also includes a manual, which provide important info about how it should be used. In addition, the device is light in terms of its weight. It also has a compact size.

5. The unit includes many features

The metal detector includes many features. It can pick up big objects a maximum of 3 feet deep. It can also find coin-sized items 5 inches below the surface.

The user can get rid of unwanted items such as iron. That’s because it includes a discrimination control function.

It includes a target indicator meter. This measures the signal strength. When the user gets closer to the target there’s an increase in volume in the signal.

6. It has some drawbacks

For example, the coil isn’t waterproof. The unit isn’t designed for experts. Finally, users will have problems finding small items that are deep in the ground.

Best Waist Trainer Reviews & Buyers Guide

best waist trainersFeeling good about yourself is difficult when you look in the mirror and see things that make you insecure, for instance back fat and other lumps and bumps that restrict the types of clothing you can wear. This can make you avoid nice clothes in favour of baggy and bulky attire that hides your insecurities, but I’m here to tell you that this no longer has to be your reality, thanks to waist training corsets, cincher’s and other shape wear you can control the shape of your body and the size of your waist.

There are so many waist trainers available that it can be difficult to make an informed choice, that’s why we’ve selected the best waist trainers to make your life easier.

Top Rated Waist Trainer’s

Ann Chery Women’s Workout Waist Cincher Review

If you want to thin your body and fit into other types of clothing with confidence then this is a brilliant way to do just that with ease. This is one of the best-selling waist trainer’s on Amazon and the customer reviews reflect just what a great job the cincher does, while providing all day maximum comfort it fits to the contours of your body to provide compression and support. This functions to instantly make your bod more petite and improve your posture, both making you look incredible throughout the day in any outfit of your choosing.

What makes this waist trainer different from others is that it’s a workout cincher, meaning is built to be worn during intense workouts. You may just think you can get away by wearing any corset or cincher during exercise but many are not built for a lot of movement and that where this corset differs. With an ultra-flexible boning structure and internal latex lining it’s designed to cope with a lot of movement during working out as well as the additional perspiration that happens as you increase your heart rate.

Fajastec Women’s Beauty Classic Latex Waist Cincher

Another great waist training cincher is this classic latex pick by Fajastec designed to correct your posture and reduce your waist size in an instant. Incredibly it can reduce you by two dress sizes just by wearing it, making it a far quicker solution than anything else including diet pills, creams and surgery.

This cincher has also been designed with 3 rows of hooks that enable you to easily and progressively tighten the compression of the latex waist cincher as you start to lose weight. In the long run this helps you save time and money, as there’s no longer any requirement for you to buy a new size once you begin shedding the pounds.

Squeem “Perfect Waist” Firm Compression Waist Trainer

The Squeem perfect waist is a fabulous waist training corset in a beautiful nude and understated style that is exceptionally slim, making it very discreet under your clothing. Even better Squeems unique fused fabric technology provides an extremely comfortable wear from your waist to below your breasts.

What makes this waist trainer stand out among others is that it’s highly flexible thanks to the flexible boning and stretch natural rubber outer and cotton lining. This means your movement won’t be restricted like other cinchers that sometimes contain very rigid steel boning, which are often very uncomfortable too.

Waist Trainer Buyers Guide

What is Waist Training?

Waist training involves wearing a waist trainer over a log duration of many weeks or months, in order to obtain the body shape you want. Waist training must be done in combination with exercise, diet and other positive lifestyle changes, as of course it’s not a quick fix but requires patience and devotion.

How do You Start Waist Training?

If you’re a beginner to waist training you should probably begin by choosing the right waist training corset of cincher for your lifestyle and fashion preferences. There are many types of girdles, cincher’s and corsets available some for everyday use, some for working out and others for pregnancy. Additionally you will find many different styles including classic corset style, to more modern and sleek looks.

Once you have selected the perfect waist trainer then you begin wearing it, surprisingly you will see results straight away thanks to the high compression of your waist trainer. This means your waist and tummy will immediately look slimmer than before and other lumps and back fat will all vanish, allowing you to wear whatever you want with confidence.

However, waist training is not an instant thing it takes time and shouldn’t be rushed, you should begin wearing it for a few hours at first and then over time wear it for longer until you can wear it throughout the day. This will result in permanent changes to the shape of your body, resulting in an hour glass figure and a slim and feminine waist.

Is it Dangerous?

There are a few scare stories online that have been circulating about people who have damaged their body or suffered an injury from wearing a waist trainer. However the key detail that all these extreme stories have in common is that the individuals have used their waist cincher’s to the extreme and excessively. Like everything in the media, the most extreme stories often attract the most readers and viewers leading to a focus on isolated and very tragic stories.

Waist training is like anything else that requires patience, you need to take things slow and gradually get your body used to the process. For example if you’re just starting out wearing a waist training corset or cincher you should take you time and maybe wear it for one hour each day until you feel your body has adjusted. Then once you feel you are ready, you can easily add an extra hour or two until you can eventually wear it for an entire day.